Thursday, 29 September 2011

Janey's Dreams

When I'm old I want to be a crazy dog lady.

Cats make my eyes itch and I sniffle until no one wants to sit beside me. Granted if I'm striving to become a crazy old lady I guess I won't have many people sitting beside me anyways... but I dont think that my family would even come visit my drippy nose.

Children are very high maintenance beings. And eventually they learn how to talk and tell you all the issues they have with you.

Dogs are the obvious choice for this potnetial crazy lady. I've never seen a child or a cat that jumps for joy purely at the sight of you. My dog is way more entertaining than a screaming child or a cat that stares into your soul and hissed at your touch.

She sleep runs, sleep barks, and sleep cries. She just woke me up and I wasn't angry at all. Instead I grabbed my camera and creeped on her. Unfortuatly I don't have video on my camera so you'll just have to imagine what you'd think dogs would dream about. This particular dream sounded like chasing an uncatchable squirrel.

Yep, crazy dog lady sounds like my new life aspiration.

1 comment:

  1. The undignified doggie rolling is offset by the distinguished grey.