Sunday, 11 September 2011

Banjo Bowl

Going out for dinner in Roughriders jerseys in Winnipeg less than 24 hours before the Banjo Bowl is just asking for heckling.

the parents heading out the todays game
Last night I was working at my job at Tony Romas when a family of two adults and three grown children came into the lounge for dinner with the dad wearing that awful green jersey. Coming from a family that has held Bomber season tickets for years I immediately felt a competitive streak coming on.

The family was very friendly; first tried to order Pilsner which I followed by informing them I’d have to ask management if it was acceptable to serve Riders fans in our establishment.

The oldest son ordered a round of shots made with crème de menthe... we made them with peppermint schnapps so they weren’t green.

That was followed by the manager informing me he was “ruining my tip” which meant buying the table a round of blue and gold shots. 

The son’s rebuttal was going out to the car to put in his Rider's jersey.

Management, bartenders, and I continued joking around with them, teasing each other until their night was done. It was light-hearted and no harm was meant... everyone was just having fun.

Then they tipped me less than 5%

Did we push it too far?

I would think that by coming out to eat at a restaurant that plays sports on big screens they would be aware that a reaction to the Riders jerseys was inevitable. 

Winnipeg is more hyped up on Bomber fever than ever and with a 7-2 record you have to expect us to defend our local heroes.

I thought a fan base with so much team spirit could handle a little teasing... They wear watermelons on their heads!!!
a proud bomber fan

Oh well. Have fun at the game this afternoon, tease the Rider's fans but keep it clean. No one wants to be the crazy person being escorted out of the stadium. Hopefully we can all joke around and have a good time with our watermelon head neighbours today.


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  1. I'm sure you didn't push it too far - I've never heard any football fan complain about getting free shots. They're probably just bad tippers... insert Rider fan diss here. :)