Friday, 30 March 2012

Journey for Justice

**This post is a CreComm assignment**

I've never read true crime before, frankly I don't read many books at all. but a couple weeks ago I finished reading Journey for Justice by Mike McIntyre in just two days.

Mike's newest book covers one of Winnipeg's most notorious crimes that happened in the 80's; the abduction of Canadace Derksen. Canadace was a normal kid, 13, very social, just walking home from school one afternoon when her parents were too busy to come pick her up. Unfortunatly Canadace was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was picked up by Mark Grant who later tied her up and let her freeze to death in a shed.

It's hard for us to even imagine the horror of losing a child this way. This is pain that I sincerely hope no one else has to endure the way the Derksens did... but what about Mike? The guy who now has the task of writing about the tragedy that they went through. How can a journalism possibly pry into the Derksens' lives to hear their story?

Well Mike sys it's all about trust. He and Wilma Derksen ( Canadace's mother) formed a relationship through the writing of this novel. Wilma was a CreComm herself, and a writer who understands how hard it is to get a story. Journalism is hard. Especially when it gets so personal and painful, but that's what makes great stories right?

Not the "if it bleeds it leads" mentality, but the mentality where the more personal you can get, the more good you can do with your writing. Without the help of journalism over the past 27 years Wilma may ahve never shared her story. No one would know about Candace. The media helped alot during the search for Candace and are now helping keep her memory alive and help support other families who may be going through the same thing. So dig deep when you write these stories.

Mike covers crime in Winnipeg every day. That's his job, he writes about crime for the Free Press. This is different. This is personal. This is something that Winnipeggers have held onto for years, people wanted to see Mark Grant convicted. People needed closure. his story isn't writed like any other crime story. It's really about the people and the emotion. The book gets slow near the middle, but then you get back to these wonderful testimonies that really show how much Winnipeg needed this book.If you have the time definitely pick up Mike's book, worth a read.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


So I've posted on here before about my Not a Nose Job nose job surgery I got this past summer, but I failed to mention how awesome it is to smell things all the time that I never knew had a smell!

I was noticing these things the most during my first couple months after the surgery. Things like...

sour cream
Sambuca (ew)
spicy foods
Burning hair product
leftovers that sit in the trunk of my car
and the dishwashers at work near the end of their shifts.

Not all of these new smells were enjoyable.

But at the same time, it's been really cool getting to know this sense I've always had but never really been able to use to it's full extent.

but this afternoon I had another new smell experience that I was really excited about...


... yes we do use crayons at college. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


As many of you already know, this summer I'm going to be interning at Vertical Magazine and Canadian Skies Magazine in Kitchener, Ontario. And for those of you who didn't know, surprise! I leave April 30th.  22 hour road triiiip!!

As someone who has lived in the same room i their parents house since they were 3, I'm not going to lie as my departure date approaches I'm switching from excited to anxious to shit scared, and back again.

In Kitchener I'm going to be living alone and working full time at the magazine, as well as hopefully working a part time serving or retail job. So as therapy for myself and for you for no particular reason you are now going to be treated to my list of excitements and fears about my going away to the foreign land of Kitchener, Ontario.

1. I'm terrified that I won't meet any friends out there. I'm need people to talk to, my professional training is to be a social person. Get your skype accounts set up Winnipeg.

2. Im stoked to see how a real magazine is put together and get some relevant experience in one of the fields I would love to work in.

3. I get my own bathroom. And kitchen. And TV. I'm terrible at sharing. This is awesome.

4. I'm a terrible cook. I may be eating KD and grilled cheese all summer.

5. What if I forget something major at home?! I'm not a good packer!

6. Who will I go to concerts and dinners with? I can't spend all my time alone in my apartment, I know i'll go stir crazy.

7. I just hope I'm able to figure out technicalities of living fast enough to spend most of my time relaxed. Driving routes, grocery stores, a gym, the nearest Tom Hortons..... those things you can't live without

8. Getting a break from my job right now will be so refreshing. I've been at the same part time job for just over 2 and a half years and I need a break to do something differet with my life.

9. I'm nervous about the fact that I won't have a back-up plan if something goes wrong. My family and friends aren't going to be there to catch me. I've always considered myself an independant person but 've never actually tried anything like this.

10. I'm going to miss Janey so much!!

All in all I'm soooo excited to start my new job, I think it'll be an amazing experience and life lesson... I'll miss Winnipeg more than I think I realize right now but I'll be back before you know it.

Check out :
Vertical -
Canadian Skies -

MGMT - Time to Pretend.  Because I feel like it. Cheers!

Monday, 12 March 2012


For me, spring is all about sheeding whatever isn't working for your life and starting a new chapter. That's why I felt so good today when I stepped outside and figured out that I should have been wearing rubber boots.

Spring just makes people feel good, it makes everyone happy and active. For monthes we all sit inside being grumpy, not even wanting to venture past the front door in fear of our ears falling off. Then we get inside and the Tims line is a half hour long and you go cry in a quiet room, because a cold day without Tims is near life threatening.

But spring time is all about anticipation.

When will it be warm enough for me to wear shorts?
Is it too early to get my bike out?
how much longer until summer?
How hot does it have to get before afternoon margaritas become socially acceptable?

PS. I don't own a bike. I just think it would be something people wonder in the spring

There's only just over a month left on our first year of CreComm, just buckle down and finish while trying to hold onto your sanity. It's so close. And this is when you can start enjoying yourself because nothing beats studing outside.

except for doing anything besides studying while outside.

I had my first tequila shot in 6 mothes the other day. I think thats a sign that good things are coming for spring 2012. It's the first time in my life that I feel like I know what direction I'm going in and having that even vague future figured out feels amazing.

So have a wonderful spring/summer 2012. Let go of whatever wasn't working in the winter and enjoy yourself. It's super lame to be stressed and grumpy when it's so beautiful out. So why not just be happy for the sake of everyone around you.

I hope I didn't jynx this nice weather with this post.
sorry if I did.