Thursday, 8 September 2011

Taking the Bus

Check the bus route before you get on the bus.

 That is my only advice to you today. A bus may say "16" on the front but really there are several different routes associated with that number and I will undoubtedly hop right onto the wrong bus; happy as a clam, bobbin along to my iPod with full intentions of arriving home within the next hour.

I had two hours to get from Red River College to my house in South St.Vital and back to Kildonan Park for my first ultimate frisbee game of this season... an hour in my quest I found myself sitting on the bench in front of a 711 having a consolation slurpee to sheild myself from the pain of knowing that I had failed at taking the bus. Again.

There must be an app for this...

Shame evolved to pure embarrassment when my mother had to come pick me up off the side of the road to bring me home... (thanks Mom!)

I made it to the game where we scored a grand total of three points.

All things considered I call this a successful day.

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