Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Burnt Cornea

One of the biggest rules when you enter any type of work environment is to leave all your personal issues at the door.

These are the following personal "issues" I brought with me to work last night:

-I'm tired
-I had a long day at school
-The True Blood season finale aired on Sunday and I haven't watched it yet
-I had a test today that stressed me out
-The wind messed up my hair
-My bus was crowded
-My bus was loud
-My bus stop is far from school
-My bus is a bus
-I forgot socks so I'm wearing some I found in my car.

The Culprit

So basically I was a huge grump who had no desire to be at work. Then the rogue child showed up; family of 8 with a three year old jogging around the table leaving a path of destruction.

(By destruction I mean a trail of crayons and crumbs)

The Victim
Then the complainers started to pile in by the truck load. Everything from the tough steak ordered very well done (no kidding), to the number of lemons on the iced teas was the biggest problem in the world.

Then I splashed Franks RedHot sauce in my eye... and almost passed out laughing.

It's like the world was telling me to get over myself and move on from my insignificant problems and learn to laugh at myself. Life isn't the traumatic incident we sometimes make it out to be. People complain and children run. It's human nature. Have a good laugh, brush it off and move on. Sometimes it takes a burning eyeball to learn that lesson.

Life's not perfect but it also doesn't suck as much as we think it does.

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