Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cheaping Out

As a recent grad who is living on my own for the first time, I cheap out on a lot of things. I'd rather just eat a pickle and some frozen spring rolls for dinner than actually spend money on real food. But we need to draw the line somewhere...

Here's my countdown of the top 8 things not to cheap out on.

8. Netflix
It's 8$ just get it. It will change your life.

7. Adult Clothes
It's super embarrassing for a grad to go for an interview or an important meeting and your one blazer has beer on it, or have a last minute evening event and all your dresses have been worn either sitting on a bar floor or doing a walk of shame. Invest in some respectable clothing.

6. Solo Cups
How many of your glasses need to break before you realize parties are much better with Solo cups. Go for the name brand. The no-names don't have the lines necessary for proper flip cup and beer pong regulation pouring. Important stuff.

5. Cleaning Products
No, the no-name brand will not clean it properly. Yes, you will have to run the dishwasher 3 times. It will drive you batshit crazy. 

4. Tipping
If you can afford to go out for drinks, you can afford to tip. Work it into the cost of going out.

3. Beer
Getting home from a long day at work and cracking a nice cold... Lucky Lager? Dude, that sucks. You don't need to buy "the good stuff" but at least buy the "good enough stuff".

2. Coffee
My roommate and I are hanging our heads shamefully after breaking this rule. It's been a hard couple months with the crappy coffee.

1. Toilet Paper
If you are buying the 1 ply toilet paper don't invite people over. That's embarrassing. I'd rather just hold it until I get home to my on-sale-no-name-brand-decent-enough toilet paper than use that. Just bullshit.