Saturday, 25 February 2012


So I know when you go to Vegas you're supposed to party like alcohol poisoning isn't a danger and bail money grows on trees, but I'm not relly into clubbing (please refer to my previous post "Clubbing") So here are the best things to do in Vegas that won't get you thrown in jail:

5. Hoover Dam
Good clean, family fun. The only place I went in Vegas where alcohol wasn't allowed. I have zero understanding of electricity or really what the dam does, but it's a pretty cool sight to see. Highly reccomended.

4. Piano Bars
So I went to a deuling piano bar twice while I was there. Super fun, they have 2 pianos facing each other and the guys there know every song known to man and you throw 15 - 20 bucks and your request on the piano and they'll play it. To stop someone elses song you put your request with more money. Everyone's dancing having a good time, definitly worth a try if you like to dance but not where you might go home with an std.

3. The Shows
A couple good ones I went to were David Copperfield, and Mark Savard... I'm saving my favourite one for last! Copperfield is a little hokey but it's one to see. I got on stage and he made me disappear. It was pure magic. That's what he told me to tell my friends and family. It wasn't magic. Mark Savard was hillarious. It's "comedy hypnotism" and whether you believe or not it's super funny, you get to see audience members do just the most hillarious embarassing things. Check out his Youtube Channel if you want to see what I'm talking about...

2. Freemont Street
This is old Vegas where all the run down hotels are and all the great deals. 5$ blackjack so it takes longer to lose all your money than on the strip and cheaper yardsticks it's a better more relaxed party atmosphere than on the strip. Less swanky places and more people just looking to have a good time. The blackjeack dealers double as the gogo dancers, there's free stages going on all night, and there's the famously huge video screen covering the entire street where they have shows every half hour.

1. Beatles Love
You have to see it. Highlight of the trip. I've never seen a Cirque du Soleil but this was fantastic. Cirque has basically taken over the strip, every show has it's own theatre in the hotles, unless you're a huge act good luck getting a theatre in Vegas because all people are looking for now is Cirque, and for a good reason. This was fantastic, there's so much going on in the show, so many complex acts there's no way to see it all on the first go. You have to see it more than once. Fabulous show.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Alright lets talk first world problems.

So I was heading to the college last week on a Saturday to work on an assignment and I ran into the biggest whiner in the city.

I think everyone can agree that parking in downtown Winnipeg sucks. So when you get a good spot congrats you just struck gold so put a smile on your face and shut up. You don't have to walk 20 minutes from your car to wherever you're going in minus a thousand windchill. Yay!

Not this lady.

So here's what happens.

Step 1 - We both pull up to these spots at the same time. She gets out of her car first to pay, so I just sit in my car and wait for her to be done.

Step 2 - She waves her arms around and looks at me and mouthes OH MY GOD!!  She looks like she's going through some kind of personal tragedy so I get out of my car.

Step 3 - She yells to me "It doesn't work. Oh my god. Why is this so hard"

Step 4 - I point to the machine DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM US

Step 5 - I say "oh, well lets just use that one then"

Step 6 - Crazy lady says "Uhhhhg this should NOT be this hard."

Step 7 - We walk the 10 second trek across the street to use the other machine, cue Crazy lady "This is RIDICULOUS", she uses it, all I'm thinking is "why do you keep yelling at me...", storms back to her spot, and walks back across the street into Kays Deli.

Lady, you aren't late for work, you don't have some appointment you're missing, you are going for lunch on a Saturday afternoon and got a spot right in front of the restaurant!
No one is dying, and you got a spot in the exchange right where you wanted it?!
You didn't have to pay 14$ for the parkade because you litterally had no other parking options?

You should be doing a celebratory dance

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I just had my traditional cheap seats viewing of the newest Twilight movie with a friend of mine, and I have to say those movies get worse everytime. I read all the books in high school and I see the movies out of obligation to the commitment I made to the series. Also don't hate on it until you've seen it. But man are those vampires wimps.

I am ridiculously obsessed with True Blood, and the Twilight vampires are such an embarassment. I've never been into old school vampire books or movies and I really have no interest in them, I just like the show. I don't want any variations of vampires, all I want are my southern accented, sexy, murders that I've come to love.

Unfortunatly being that True Blood is on HBO, it only plays 12 weeks out of the year I am going through a serious case of TBD (True Blood Withdrawl) that I tried to counteract with reruns and Twilight. Bad choice.

Twilight vamps go to high school and eat animals and stare longlingly into whiney teenagers eyes while they sparkle. True Blood vamps kill just about everyone that pisses them off, eat their loved ones, and all those other things we all love HBO for.

True Blood plot lines consist of a few key elements:
           -Supernatural shit
           -Sex, blood, drugs, and supernatural shit combined.

I seriously don't think anyone in that show owns more that 3 changes of clothes. They're just always naked and killing stuff.

Characters that have died over the past 4 seasons:
1. Tommy - beat to death
2. Jesus - stabbed by his possessed boyfriend
3. Marnie - Shot in the head
4. Nan - staked
5. Maryann - heart ripped out
6. Rene - decapitated with a shovel
7. Debbie - shot in the head
8. Eggs - shot
9. Lorena - staked
10. Adele - strangled
11. Melinda & Joe Lee - Beaten to death
12. Godric - extreme sunburn
13. Sophie-Anne - shot

I really could go on but you get the point... and those are just some main characters. Basically what I'm saying is if you like a new character don't get too attached... their brains are probably going to be blown out in Sookie's kitchen by the end of the season. (I'll miss you Debbie).

Oh and don't see the new Twilight unless you're sick at home and your PVR suggests it. Then it's ok.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

10 Things

Ten things (some of you) Don't know about me!

1. I find chewing gum absolutly repulsive. Did you know in Singapore gum that isn't needed for theraputical reasons is banned? Good! Why would anyone want to keep chewing on something they already chewed on? It's like chewing vomit. gross.

2. I've never dyed my hair. That purple stuff that stayed in my hair for 2 weeks when I was in grade 7 doesn't count... ginger and proud of it!

3. I've never flown a kite. :( Childhood has passed me right by. I hear it's not very fun, but it's something I would like to try!

4. I've been subconsciously hoarding bar coasters from work. Sorry.

5. I played bottom of the barrel league softball for 10 years and umpired for 7. I may umpire again next year. After the first time a coach makes you cry it gets easy and fun, I swear.

6. I am what I call a cute-etarian. I don't eat animals that are cute. This includes but is not limited to baby cows, sheep, and ducks. Fish? ugly. Cows? ugly and stinky. Chickens? Cute as babies, but once they grow up... ugly.

7. Before settleing on CreComm I went tested out majoring in Business, Kinesiology, Environmental Science, and Theatre.

8. My dog, Janey, is my number one source of entertainment. I would love to be in her head for a day.

9. I am completely obsessed with everything Kardashian. Every now and then they say something intelligent and it's fun to watch for. Also it's a moral boost watching people that are so clueless.

10. I'm sexy, and I know it. This is song writing gold.