Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Said the Whale

So I’m kind of a Said the Whale junkie. 

There. That’s the first step to recovery. 

The other night I saw them play live in Winnipeg for my fifth time along with some Said the Whale rookies and my friends Jordan (6th time) and Nikki (7th time). It’s a cultural thing for us. Some people go for wings and beer, some play paintball together, some watch Big Bang Theory every week... we go to Said the Whale shows. Even after so many shows, they are still phenomenal. 

So let me catch you up if you’re a little lost. 

Said the Whale is a five piece indie band from Vancouver, BC consisting of...
Some of my STW swag
Ben Worcester (guitar/vocals)
Tyler Bancroft (guitar/vocals)
Spencer Schoening (drums)
Jaycelyn Brown (keyboard)
Nathan Shaw (bass)

They’re songs are food for the Canadian soul with lyrics about orienteering, the Canadian Shield, and the staple of any band, love. It’s light and positive with beautifully depressing songs like Curse of the Currents thrown into the mix. But after being to so many shows, it’s not about the music anymore. It’s about the band.

Holly Ontario routine chest tapping
These are some of the nicest most down to earth musicians I’ve ever met. And I have met them every single time I’ve seen them perform. You’d think a band with a recent Juno win under their belt would start to grow and ego but these guys are as friendly as ever. After Monday night’s show they went backstage for no more than a minute or two before coming back out to mingle with the crowd, take pictures and sign whatever you want them to sign. They do it with a smile on their faces laughing with their fans and you can tell that this band isn’t concerned with fame, but instead with what matters most, the music and the people that worship it.

The show the other night was incredible, with a new EP being released in early November there were a lot of new songs that I didn’t know, with a ton of old faves. And even if you don’t know any songs at all Spencer’s smile will make you happy enough to enjoy your night anyways. The last song especially blew my mind...

Best Said the Whale moment EVER. 

Curse of the Currents acoustic and off mic. Whole crowd singing along. The energy in the theatre was so incredibly beautiful. Just epic. 

Ben and Nathan
This band draws in the strangest odd ball group of people in Winnipeg every time I see them. On my left there were two brace face tween boys singing along, and on my right a hardcore chick with a down styled Mohawk and huge stretched earlobes; also singing along. A few rows back is my friend Michele’s parents, and surrounding me a group of suburban hipster kids that I call my friends. Just a bunch of weirdoes. But that’s the beauty of Said the Whale! Requirements for loving this band are:

Do you like music?
Do you enjoy ukuleles?
Are you Canadian or a Canada enthusiast?
Are you not a huge grump?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions try them out! Keep a positive attitude about it, take it lightly, It’s a little weird the first time. 

Oh and they also aren’t too bad to look at.

Ps. Mr. Tyler Bancroft if you’re reading this... I’m single and I called dibs on you years ago ;) 

And I'll leave you with some classic Said the Whale to get you started! Cheers! 



  1. I miss Hall & Oates (don't judge me).

  2. Thanks for posting the video. I'd heard of Said the Whale before, but never actually heard their music. I like it, it sort of reminds me of Broken Social Scene.

  3. Curse of the Currents gave me shivers! What a great show! Rah Rah shot Jordan and I directly in the face with that confetti cannon they had haha

  4. You make a great case for the value of PR in building a fan base!

  5. Said the Whale, Foster the People, Young the Giant, Kenton the Larsen.