Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Election Night

I had an awesome time doing election coverage in my own riding Tuesday night with CreCommers. Here's a blurry unedited snapshot of what went down for me on election night!
Heading out to see Theresa Oswald

                                        Global brought some stuff...

                                                    ...And so did I

                                                Results starting to come in

                     We won! I mean... I wasn't rooting for anyone but journalism.

                                                    Alright lets start writing!

                                                         ...what cha doin recorder...

                                               NO SERIOUSLY. WHAT. CHA. DOIN?! 

                                      Lost all my recordings Angry Birds therapy session

                                           Pulled myself together to get a story going

                                                          Yay! all done.

                                               Gunna go drop this off in sketchville


                                             ...And I'm out of gas. awesome.

                                            Back on track! An abandoned Main Street

                                                   Red River College!

                                                         And.... sleep.


  1. Lindsay. You need your own reality TV show, right now. For realz.

    Awesome post, loved the photo story.