Saturday, 25 February 2012


So I know when you go to Vegas you're supposed to party like alcohol poisoning isn't a danger and bail money grows on trees, but I'm not relly into clubbing (please refer to my previous post "Clubbing") So here are the best things to do in Vegas that won't get you thrown in jail:

5. Hoover Dam
Good clean, family fun. The only place I went in Vegas where alcohol wasn't allowed. I have zero understanding of electricity or really what the dam does, but it's a pretty cool sight to see. Highly reccomended.

4. Piano Bars
So I went to a deuling piano bar twice while I was there. Super fun, they have 2 pianos facing each other and the guys there know every song known to man and you throw 15 - 20 bucks and your request on the piano and they'll play it. To stop someone elses song you put your request with more money. Everyone's dancing having a good time, definitly worth a try if you like to dance but not where you might go home with an std.

3. The Shows
A couple good ones I went to were David Copperfield, and Mark Savard... I'm saving my favourite one for last! Copperfield is a little hokey but it's one to see. I got on stage and he made me disappear. It was pure magic. That's what he told me to tell my friends and family. It wasn't magic. Mark Savard was hillarious. It's "comedy hypnotism" and whether you believe or not it's super funny, you get to see audience members do just the most hillarious embarassing things. Check out his Youtube Channel if you want to see what I'm talking about...

2. Freemont Street
This is old Vegas where all the run down hotels are and all the great deals. 5$ blackjack so it takes longer to lose all your money than on the strip and cheaper yardsticks it's a better more relaxed party atmosphere than on the strip. Less swanky places and more people just looking to have a good time. The blackjeack dealers double as the gogo dancers, there's free stages going on all night, and there's the famously huge video screen covering the entire street where they have shows every half hour.

1. Beatles Love
You have to see it. Highlight of the trip. I've never seen a Cirque du Soleil but this was fantastic. Cirque has basically taken over the strip, every show has it's own theatre in the hotles, unless you're a huge act good luck getting a theatre in Vegas because all people are looking for now is Cirque, and for a good reason. This was fantastic, there's so much going on in the show, so many complex acts there's no way to see it all on the first go. You have to see it more than once. Fabulous show.

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