Saturday, 18 February 2012


Alright lets talk first world problems.

So I was heading to the college last week on a Saturday to work on an assignment and I ran into the biggest whiner in the city.

I think everyone can agree that parking in downtown Winnipeg sucks. So when you get a good spot congrats you just struck gold so put a smile on your face and shut up. You don't have to walk 20 minutes from your car to wherever you're going in minus a thousand windchill. Yay!

Not this lady.

So here's what happens.

Step 1 - We both pull up to these spots at the same time. She gets out of her car first to pay, so I just sit in my car and wait for her to be done.

Step 2 - She waves her arms around and looks at me and mouthes OH MY GOD!!  She looks like she's going through some kind of personal tragedy so I get out of my car.

Step 3 - She yells to me "It doesn't work. Oh my god. Why is this so hard"

Step 4 - I point to the machine DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM US

Step 5 - I say "oh, well lets just use that one then"

Step 6 - Crazy lady says "Uhhhhg this should NOT be this hard."

Step 7 - We walk the 10 second trek across the street to use the other machine, cue Crazy lady "This is RIDICULOUS", she uses it, all I'm thinking is "why do you keep yelling at me...", storms back to her spot, and walks back across the street into Kays Deli.

Lady, you aren't late for work, you don't have some appointment you're missing, you are going for lunch on a Saturday afternoon and got a spot right in front of the restaurant!
No one is dying, and you got a spot in the exchange right where you wanted it?!
You didn't have to pay 14$ for the parkade because you litterally had no other parking options?

You should be doing a celebratory dance

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