Thursday, 2 February 2012

10 Things

Ten things (some of you) Don't know about me!

1. I find chewing gum absolutly repulsive. Did you know in Singapore gum that isn't needed for theraputical reasons is banned? Good! Why would anyone want to keep chewing on something they already chewed on? It's like chewing vomit. gross.

2. I've never dyed my hair. That purple stuff that stayed in my hair for 2 weeks when I was in grade 7 doesn't count... ginger and proud of it!

3. I've never flown a kite. :( Childhood has passed me right by. I hear it's not very fun, but it's something I would like to try!

4. I've been subconsciously hoarding bar coasters from work. Sorry.

5. I played bottom of the barrel league softball for 10 years and umpired for 7. I may umpire again next year. After the first time a coach makes you cry it gets easy and fun, I swear.

6. I am what I call a cute-etarian. I don't eat animals that are cute. This includes but is not limited to baby cows, sheep, and ducks. Fish? ugly. Cows? ugly and stinky. Chickens? Cute as babies, but once they grow up... ugly.

7. Before settleing on CreComm I went tested out majoring in Business, Kinesiology, Environmental Science, and Theatre.

8. My dog, Janey, is my number one source of entertainment. I would love to be in her head for a day.

9. I am completely obsessed with everything Kardashian. Every now and then they say something intelligent and it's fun to watch for. Also it's a moral boost watching people that are so clueless.

10. I'm sexy, and I know it. This is song writing gold.

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