Monday, 12 March 2012


For me, spring is all about sheeding whatever isn't working for your life and starting a new chapter. That's why I felt so good today when I stepped outside and figured out that I should have been wearing rubber boots.

Spring just makes people feel good, it makes everyone happy and active. For monthes we all sit inside being grumpy, not even wanting to venture past the front door in fear of our ears falling off. Then we get inside and the Tims line is a half hour long and you go cry in a quiet room, because a cold day without Tims is near life threatening.

But spring time is all about anticipation.

When will it be warm enough for me to wear shorts?
Is it too early to get my bike out?
how much longer until summer?
How hot does it have to get before afternoon margaritas become socially acceptable?

PS. I don't own a bike. I just think it would be something people wonder in the spring

There's only just over a month left on our first year of CreComm, just buckle down and finish while trying to hold onto your sanity. It's so close. And this is when you can start enjoying yourself because nothing beats studing outside.

except for doing anything besides studying while outside.

I had my first tequila shot in 6 mothes the other day. I think thats a sign that good things are coming for spring 2012. It's the first time in my life that I feel like I know what direction I'm going in and having that even vague future figured out feels amazing.

So have a wonderful spring/summer 2012. Let go of whatever wasn't working in the winter and enjoy yourself. It's super lame to be stressed and grumpy when it's so beautiful out. So why not just be happy for the sake of everyone around you.

I hope I didn't jynx this nice weather with this post.
sorry if I did.

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