Thursday, 6 October 2011

Not a Nose Job

The ego trip my immune system has been on lately came to a screeching halt last night; I think I've finally caught the dreaded CreComm cold.

The sniffles have been showing up for the past couple days but I've been in denial. Now it's time to accept the truth.

Granted, I am proud of my immune system for fighting this long; see, I had surgery on my nose in June, and this is my first cold since then.

And no, it wasn't a nose job.

I had a Septoplasty which no, is not a fancy word for "nose job".

Up until June breathing through my nose has been impossible to very challenging at best for my entire life. My nose was shaped like this:

More exaggerated... I'm not that much of a whiner.

So I got that straightened out. And yes, it is considered reconstructive surgery but no, I maintain that I did not get a nose job.

I'm no doctor, but between my "not a nose job" nose job and my recent health, I've got to believe that my surgery helped. I used to get a cold every two weeks or so.

Having so many people together in confined spaces at school however, has defied my belief that my surgery had cured the common cold. You guys are just too germy.


  1. I've totally got the same nose issues and have considered getting this non-nose job surgery. Would you recommend it? Is it painful/is there a lot of recovery time involved?

  2. My Dad had that procedure and it changed his life - he can now breath properly and sleeps better.

  3. I would definitely recommend it Laina! The recovery time is only about a week but the first day is terrible. You have cotton swab tubes up your nose all the way into your sinuses for a day.
    I do agree with what Tracey is saying though! Life changing. I breath normally, and sleep through the night comfortably which was never possible.
    It must be a Hughes thing...

  4. Don't hold it against your immune system... the CreComm plague catches up to everyone eventually. Get lots of sleep this weekend and fight it off!

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  6. A nose job is usually an outpatient procedure. After a nose job, a patient should go home and return to normal activities within weeks.

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