Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Nobody likes how they feel at the end of a long day of travel.
I've never seen somebody get off a long plane ride, or out of a car after a day long drive and say

"wow my smell is wonderful!"
"my hair feels so soft and not greasy at all!"

So why is it that hotel showers are as awful as they are?
They require skill.

Rule #1 is
Accept that you won't get your whole body wet. The water pressure is so meager that if you're like me you'll get your hair wet... on the top layer... then it'll probably jut slide off like a sea otter.

Do a Dance
You're going to have to move around quite a bit to have any chance at getting your legs wet. Hotel shower nozzles are only big and powerful enough to get about 1/8 of your body at a time. A lot of turning will be necessary.

Go First
If you're like me you're going to forget to bring at least one essential item on any trip. Today it was shampoo and conditioner. If you have any inkling that someone else in your traveling party may have forgotten the same thing GET IN THE SHOWER FIRST. There is not a chance in hell that the tiny, ass smelling, shampoo and conditioner will go around.

Why are the shampoo companies not using some kind of product placement or sponsorship or whatever and getting their mini products in hotel showers? I'm looking at your guys; Garnier, Herbal Essences, Pantene, whatever... I can't be the first person to think of this. Maybe I just need to take my CreComm hat off.

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