Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Last night I dislocated my knee.
Today I waited at the sports injury clinic for 7 hours before I got to see a doctor and get some X-rays.
Here is a list I compiled of other things I could have done with 7 hours of my life.

1. Go to my Wednesday classes. That one's obvious.
2. Do 9 loads of laundry.
3. Fly to Toronto and back.
4. Drive to Minneapolis.
5. Do tomorrow's Broadcast J assignment... twice.
6. Run a marathon.
7. Watch the entire Back to the Future trilogy.
8. Play a complete game of Monopoly... maybe.
9. Watched a week and a half worth of PVR-ed Ellen shows.
10. Write at least 3 news stories.
11. Play at least 3 Ultimate Frisbee games. Dislocate my knee another 6 times.
12. Ride every roller coaster at Universal Studios.
13. Make 7 batches of cookies.
14. Facebook creep everyone in my high school graduating class.
15. Cooked two thanksgiving turkeys.

Now to figure out how to make a knee brace stylish. Wish me luck.

1 comment:

  1. I stopped going to the PanAm clinic when I was once in the waiting room and beside me was a dude in a chef's jacket with gauze covering what I can only assume was once an intact finger.

    This is not a sports injury. What are you doing here clogging up my line?

    - Kiprian