Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hot Yoga

So ever since school started up I've let my "workout regime" slip.
Well okay, I've never really had a workout regime.

I don't like going to gyms, I look like a complete fool when I workout, I'm incredibly uncoordinated and gingers get super red from even the smallest bit of exhaustion. Maybe I'm too concered with looking good, but there are lots of hot guys at gyms that I drive away with my sweaty red face.

But in the summer it's really easy for me to keep fit, I play ultimate frisbee once a week plus I'm constantly going for walks, just running around the backyard with my dog; or when i'm at the cabin swimming and kayaking. About a year ago I took up running as well. I only run in the spring and summer because I'm a baby when it comes to the cold but I try to do that now and then as well.

Well after fall ultimate ended in October the most physical activity I've done is taking the stairs at school... and I quit that a while ago. The elevator is my best friend. I've also ran in the library twice but after my second warning I decided I should stop doing that.

My yoga tags
So today I decided to go to hot yoga. I used to go quite often, I've never been good at it but it's pretty fun. I haven't been in probably 4 or 5 months though and let me tell you the yogi's have gotten pretty pretentious since I've been gone.

I'm that girl in hot yoga that's falling over in every position, quietly laughing, I'm there for a workout but also a good time. My colourful beach towel got some dirty looks from the yogi's this evening.

Most stereotypical yoga teacher I've ever had at Moksha tonight. Maybe this is some people's style but I was just losing it laughing.
"now breath out your muscle tissue, stress, and and tension."
Breath out my muscle tissue?! I don't think I want to do that dude.
"feel a string of energy going from your middle finger through your body and into your other hand."
All I felt was my legs shaking because I think he was trying to kill me by not counting down to 1 faster.

I totally respect people like him who are in that zen place in their life, congrats, good for you, you're more balanced than I am, you have less toxins, whatever.

All I wanted was a little workout so I didn't feel so bad about going home to have Lindor chocolates and a Pepsi for dinner.

I litterally had to cover my mouth to stop the laughing because of how seriously everyone in that room was taking their "practice". I did eventually get a giggle from the woman next to me. We pay a lot of money to go to these hoity toity yoga classes and I want to have some fun with them while at the same time finding peace and tranquility and all that other crap. Clearly the rest of them did not have that same intention tonight.

The teacher sang Amazing Grace at the end of the class. It might be time to go back to the elliptical.


  1. Or come with me to Stafford Street Hot Yoga! There's a teacher there, Todd, who makes jokes the entire class. It's great!

  2. I've always had issues taking yoga (or, you know, exercise in general) as completely seriously as the instructors seem to need you to... that's why swimming is my exercise of choice.