Tuesday, 19 March 2013


I'm back.

Being in my twenties has been pretty rad so far, but I still have a lot of twenties to go. Here's stuff I want to do... or already have done.

Twenty things to do in your Twenties

1. Travel
To Europe, to Asia, to Africa, from the mountains to the maritimes, to the Super Target in Grand Forks. Wherever you can go. GO.

2. Make new friends
Your old ones are great, keep them close... but you're not in high school anymore. Friendships shouldn't be out of convenience. Find people that like the same things as you.

3. Be ballsy
Cold call places you want to work. Ask him out. Ask for that promotion. What's the worst they can say, No?

4. Fall in love
Then fall out of love, then back in love, then out again. Break up, make up, move on and then go back. Love is supposed to be fun. Don't make it monotonous.

5. Eat
Wings, chips, ice cream, avocados, spinach, and greek yoghurt. Find a balance and remember it's okay to cheat. Stop counting calories and just live healthy.

6. Don't be so concerned about your finances.
Don't be stupid with your money; but experiences are worth more than that extra big savings account you've been holding onto since your sixteenth birthday.

7. Sleep
Sleep a lot. This is the last time in your life when sleeping past noon is acceptable. Why do old people get up so early??

8. Remember birthdays 
Don't be the asshole that forgets about your best friend's/boyfriend's/mom's birthday. You're old enough to write these things in your calendar or day planner like an adult. Don't rely on Facebook to remind you.

9. Play games
Not talking about Call of Duty. Play games. Card games, board games, beer pong for gods sake. Anything that gets you actually talking to the people you're hanging out with. Splurge the $30 and buy Apples to Apples or Taboo. Stop only inviting people over to "just watch a movie" DO something.

10. Do something alone
Sign up for a sport. Take a fun class. Move away. Learn how to be independent.

11. Care about something
Find a cause, a charity, a movement, a news story that you are passionate about and be a part of spreading it's message.

12. Get a grown up job
What do you actually want to do? Then do it. Part-time is better than nothing. Experimenting with different jobs will show you what it is you love. No shame in keeping the old job on the side for extra cash.

13. Take pictures
You're going to want to remember how young and hot and fun you were when you're old and wrinkly.

14. Skinny dip
Because that's a good story. And the older you get, the weirder it is.

15. Take the hand-me-downs
It doesn't make you less trendy or a charity case. Take your mom's old couch and your friend's used coffee maker for your apartment. The money you're saving can go towards all those super cool trips you're going on.

16. Take a lazy day
Watch an entire season of the OC while eating frozen fruit in your pyjamas. When you get old there will be projects to do, work to be done, and errands to run. For now, relax.

17. Pull an all nighter
Got class in the morning but an awesome party to go to tonight? Just do it. I don't advise doing it often... but now and then just go, have your fun, and deal with the consequences later. Your body can only handle that kind of crap for so long.

18. Take responsibility
You've been placing blame on others your whole life, because that's what kids do. Don't be afraid to say that you messed up. Shit happens.

19. Learn your limit
When you were 17 it was cool to chug vodka until you puked all over your friends living room, then get up and grab a beer. In your twenties... that's not as cool. Actually it's not cool at all. It's a giant pain in the ass and people will stop inviting you to parties.

20. Have fun
Just do what you want to do. You can only be young and selfish for so long.